What Gets Me Up Every Morning

In the previous post, I talked about what keeps me up at night. Today I want to share with you what gets me fired up each morning. In spite of all the challenges, there is something that gets me excited: The results.  

Seeing drop-outs being able to go back to school again with smiles on their faces; turning many child-labor children into students; turning young girls who live in constant fear of child-marriage into college students, etc—all these are what fuel my passion and keep me going everyday.  Please join me!  Call, email, or text me with your questions, support, or suggestions. Phone: 510-684-9711; Email: RethinkAfricaNow@Gmail.com

Turning children who had no chance of seeing the walls of a classroom and who live in a most horrible condition, such as the ones in this video, into promising students is what keeps me going.  The joy of seeing them become college students with a brighter future is priceless. 

The successes are what keep me going. The joy of seeing a struggling widow celebrate her daughter’s graduation (as shown below) is priceless—and it was made possible by you the supporters of our Food for School program.

One of the many students we support through our Food for School program, Victoria, graduates from RGIB Africa University, Cotonou in 2018.

Listening to their stories, sharing their pains, encouraging them, and supporting them as they struggle against deep-rooted gender discrimination—and knowing that doing so has helped some of the girls achieve their education dream is priceless. They need your support as well. 

Meet some of them: 

Emmanuela, final year journalism student at ISMA Media College, Cotonou

Medegnonmi, high school graduate, studying hard for college exam, while helping her mother at the market

Parfaite, second year Law student at Abomey-Calavi University

Blandine, single mother and victim of child marriage, got our support to go back to college and finish her degree program
Esther, Sociology student at the University of Lome

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