Hek Yeah, We Did It — Super Exciting!!

Last week, a whole container of school supplies and basic necessities (food, clothes, shoes, hygiene products, feminine care, books, backpacks, notebooks, etc) was sent to the Benin Republic.  Our goal is to put an end to a situation where talented and highly motivated students are forced to give up on their education because of privation. […]

Unforgettable Generosity

Ever experienced a kindness that blew your mind? Humbled you? Filled your heart with so much joy and gratitude, you cannot wait to tell the world?  A kindness that changed not only your life, but the lives of an entire community thousands of miles away? That is the type of kindness Allen and Julie (the […]

A Nurse Who Cares

Some nurses are in the medical services not just to make money, but to care for people. I’m fortunate to meet one of such compassionate nurses and deeply greatly for her contributions.

Young and Smart

Her name is Crystal and I’m very grateful for her contributions. Thank you so much Crystal for sharing your thoughts and experiences about women empowerment for this book project.