Marti: A Heart of Gold

When the poverty-stricken students came to me with their excellent high school diplomas, I saw enormous potential in them, but didn’t have enough resources to help all of them. And when they begged for help to go to college, I started running around trying to find sponsors and raise funds for them. People began to […]

Beyond the Schism

Whatever the theology, churches are asked to care for the poor. Regardless of denomination, all Christians respond to Matthew 25:35-45. We’re partnering with all churches and would appreciate your church joining us in showing love and compassion to the people in need. 

The Amazing People of SLO

There are times when one meets strangers who are so kind, one can never thank them enough. Marty is that kind of stranger most people pray for but few are fortunate to meet. Thanks to him, the amazing people of SLO launched a book drive for the Adjara library project, a huge contribution we are […]

Hearts full of Love

Meeting Terry and Pete was a blessing. I was a stranger and they reached out to me. Their hearts are so full of love, you feel like hanging out with them everyday. To them I say: Thank you for your friendship and warm embrace.

Tears of a Mother

There is no bigger vessel of grace, no stronger believer Rethink Africa’s dream, particularly the library project, than Rochelle. We are grateful for her generous donations, which have moved us closer to the goal.

The Wonderful People of Alabama

Everybody needs encouragement on their life’s journey and I got plenty of it from the wonderful people I met at the WordCamp in Alabama. I’m grateful for their enthusiastic support for my work in Africa.  Below are the faces of some of the nicest people that I’ve met.