About SoulGrateful

Hello there! My name is Peter. Welcome to my journey! This blog is about the power of kindness, gratitude, and compassion. I live between the United States (California) and African villages. This is my story about the goodness of humanity as experienced in the United States. It’s a journey of extraordinary grace in my struggle […]

Marti: A Heart of Gold

When the poverty-stricken students came to me with their excellent high school diplomas, I saw enormous potential in them, but didn’t have enough resources to help all of them. And when they begged for help to go to college, I started running around trying to find sponsors and raise funds for them. People began to […]

Beyond the Schism

Whatever the theology, churches are asked to care for the poor. Regardless of denomination, all Christians respond to Matthew 25:35-45. We’re partnering with all churches and would appreciate your church joining us in showing love and compassion to the people in need. 

Unforgettable Generosity

Ever experienced a kindness that blew your mind? Humbled you? Filled your heart with so much joy and gratitude, you cannot wait to tell the world?  A kindness that changed not only your life, but the lives of an entire community thousands of miles away? That is the type of kindness Allen and Julie (the […]

A Nurse Who Cares

Some nurses are in the medical services not just to make money, but to care for people. I’m fortunate to meet one of such compassionate nurses and deeply greatly for her contributions.