About SoulGrateful

Grateful for all, grateful to all

Hello there! My name is Peter. Welcome to my journey! This blog is about the power of kindness, gratitude, and compassion. I live between the United States (California) and African villages. This is my story about the goodness of humanity as experienced in the United States. It’s a journey of extraordinary grace in my struggle to build a library and bring educational opportunity to young women and indigent children in my African village. It’s a journey that says, “No, I don’t have to be wealthy to care.”

Why Share My Story?  

Because compassion changes lives and story inspires people. It is my hope that some of the stories here will move you to do something kind for somebody. You just might be the last chance that somebody has.

Why Gratitude? 

Because when you come from a place like Africa, where there is little or no opportunity for the ordinary person, and you find yourself in a great country like the United States where the sky is the limit, the least you can do is show gratitude.

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