What Keeps Me up at Night

How long will brilliant minds continue to waste away because they lack access to something as basic as a library? How many more talented girls—potential doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers, engineers, writers, e.t.c—have to drop out of school, give up on their dream, or resort to selling their body because they lack something as basic as food?

Peter with some of the girls he supports in Benin Republic
Peter and some of the students he supports in Benin Republic

The plight of young girls and women in my hometown (such as the ones in the picture above), who are begging for help to go to school is what keeps me up at night. They are not asking for jewelries or clothes. What they are asking is simple: support for their education. They are motivated. They walk long distances to elementary school. They endure hunger in secondary school. They are smart and focused. They have dreams. They want to go to college and become something. But .   .   .  in the end, they have to drop out for lack of support. 

That is what keeps me up at night and I’m determined to do something about it. 

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