A Win-Win Solution

Receiving book donations for the library project

Do you have used books that are gathering dust on your shelves, or simply taking up space in your garage or office? Those idle books contain information that could change lives in my hometown. When you donate them to our library project, it’s a win-win: You put a smile on the faces of the people in Adjara who are thirsty for knowledge but have no access to books, while you free up space on your shelves. Plus, your feel good about yourself knowing that you’re making a difference in the world with something you are not using. 

You want to help us: Please call: 510-684-9711. Or email: RethinkAfricaNow@Gmail.Com

Supporter, Irene, collecting book donations in her office for the Adjara Library Project. We need more book donations to fill up a shipping container. Please help us!
Yours truly picking up children’s book donations from a supporter’s (garage) home.

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