The Wonderful People of Alabama

Everybody needs encouragement on their life’s journey and I got plenty of it from the wonderful people I met at the WordCamp in Alabama. I’m grateful for their enthusiastic support for my work in Africa.  Below are the faces of some of the nicest people that I’ve met.

Mark, a great story teller and the ‘bushman’ from Africa. I’m inspired by his story and grateful for his encouragement. What a kind man!
Her name is Emily and she is the kind of person you want to meet when you’re nervous about talking to new people (like I was). Her beautiful smile would breakdown your walls and make you feel welcome. When a woman like this says to you, “Our team can help you”, you know you’re in good hands.
This is Ian from ALoft, the kind of hotel manager you pray for when you’re visiting a new city. Super friendly guy. Ian thanks for all the good information, conversation, and for your interest in visiting.
Meet Ryan, the guy who has “I’m here to help” in his DNA. And he helps with a gentle smile and warm handshake. It’s a blessing meeting him. Ryan, thank you so much for your selfless services.
Meet Jake, everybody! He’s the coolest guy from Alabama who saved me from my blogging misery. In this picture he’s teaching me a few things about WordPress. I’m grateful for his time, patience, and enthusiastic support for my work. 

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